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Rise Above The Din was conceived by owner, Sonya Mastick. As a former small business owner and someone who has an absolute passion for learning new mediums, starting a social media business made perfect sense. “When I owned my own business I took a slew of classes on social media marketing, SEO processes, and website building. Having all that knowledge was great but I ran into the same problem that most business owners do, I had ZERO time to implement it. When you are spread so thin running all of the day-to-day operations, the last thing you want to do is spend hours on the computer at night.” says Sonya.

However, we are in a brave new world of marketing and spending hours online engaging with your customers is imperative to keep your presence active and relative. Not to mention, reaching customers through Facebook, Twitter, and other free sites is far more cost effective than traditional advertising options.

What do we provide? We meet with a client, assess their needs, and return to them a proposal. This will suggest what types of social media pages that should be started and why. Also, we will discuss how much interaction they would like us to have with their customers. Some of our clients are very hands on with their customers and some simply don’t have time to. Essentially, you can get as little or as much as you want out of the deal. Some clients pay a flat rate for the week and some want hourly work, depending on the time of year or promotional events that are going on. The key is that a business’ online interaction must be consistent; meaning it must be daily and have a consistent “voice”.

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The first consultation is free, so feel free to give us a call,
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Small Businesses and Organizations that we have worked with:

  • The Chamber approached us about assisting with some of their marketing that they had in place already but also to create new outlets and campaigns. We are brought on board to help execute specific campaings throughout the year.

  • Anne and Siouxsan are two friends who took a passion and made it into a lucrative business. They sell handmade soy candles, soaps, lotion, etc… When they contacted us for help they already had a firm handle on who their customer base was and how they wanted to market themselves. They had a common problem, they didn’t have enough time to run their business, give detailed attention to their customers AND do around-the-clock marketing. We were able to aggregate all of their preexisting sites, add new ones, and speak more effectively on each. We have successfully delivered on each request as it is presented; pushing new lines, seasonal products, along with driving customers to their newly renovated website. We understand that business ownership, especially small biz, is constantly in flux and we must be flexible to the needs of our clients as they change.

  • We were asked to help with an overall social media presence, promote events, and make more people not only aware of the church’s presence, but to prompt people to interact on their social media sites.Viewership is up 95% on most sites. We successfully encouraged users to engage in the activity of the sites and give the church a more community feel online. Currently their primary sites are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and a Website. Once things were up and people were trained, the duties were handed over to their staff. 

  • Coventry Creations is a wholesale candle manufacturer, specializing in Spiritual and Magic candles, oils, sprays, among other things. They contacted us to help clarify their vision for their 2019 social media campaigns and to execute them. We manage their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Business accounts. Since taking over, CC has had a robust uptick in followers and sales. They are wonderful clients to work with and are always open to new ideas.   

  • One of the owners contacted us about marketing advice, at which point we ended up implementing LinkedIn as part of their online presence. Mr. Slaughter was so pleased with our services that he also gave us his Facebook account as well. We manage both pages and populate content.

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We are certified in:

  • - Introduction to Personal Branding
  • - Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • - What is Social?
Northwestern University
University of California Davis
University of Virginia
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